Saturday, January 2, 2016
Hello again, beauties! Do you notice something different? Yes, I have installed faux locs. I think it looks great on me and it definitely shows more of my Carribbean roots. I've actually considered getting real dreads, however, I like to change the style of my hair often so I don't think I can commit to dreads right now. Friday's outfit was for a quick outing to the shopping mall, school, and hopefully a laid back day in Central Park.

Plaid me, baby.

"Stop worrying about what you have to lose and start focusing on what you have to gain." 

I brought the plaid jean back out, yesterday. I love how bold plaid pants are and I would really like to get some more! If you have any suggestions where I can find more gorgeous plaid pants, I'd love to hear it. I paired mine with a cream peplum top...