Pretty for a Dark Skin Girl?

Thursday, July 14, 2016
Firstly, "You're so pretty for a dark skin girl" is not a compliment. Please refrain from using this statement to express your admiration of a black woman's beauty. It is difficult to smile at a comment such as this; since I'm being uplifted and shot down simultaneously. Are dark skin individuals usually ugly? It is worse that I've received these "compliments" from other African Americans, too. Do not judge a black woman's beauty on the hue of her black skin. Plus, we're all beautiful.

Now, that's Ive got that off my chest. Let's move along to the latest #OOTD.

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Crossroads Harem Pants
Zara Messenger Bag
Zara Bracelet
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Photo by @SayChrisTwice

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Jaynelle Nicole
3 comments on "Pretty for a Dark Skin Girl?"
  1. The hate is real. Who says that and thinks that is a compliment? You are right it is rude, disrespectful and a back handed compliment. The unfortunate thing is I think people really think they are saying something nice but as you outlined above in your post it is most definitely not. You are a gorgeous woman period. Now that I got that out the way your outfit is so cute and perfect for summer. It has a laid back cool vibe going on and I'm loving it.

  2. As if dark skin was suppose to be ugly. People really need to accept how our skin is or step off


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