Story of the Traveling Skirt

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
From Williamsburg's Beacon's Closet, a beautiful denim pencil skirt with a tie-dye finish followed me home. I fell for the high waisted, fitted silhouette. For its second time covering these thick thighs (lol), I paired it with a basic American Apparel crop top on my way to shoot with an old friend and very talented photographer. The funny thing about this skirt is... (I won't go into details due to certain fucked up circumstances..) but long story short: this skirt was not suppose to be at Beacon's Closet. An old acquaintance reached out to me once she saw these photos via Instagram. Turns out, her clothes were stolen, including this exact skirt; my photos were the proof she needed and the exact person who did it. This skirt has had its own adventure. It's in good hands now. 

It's a new year and I've decided that traveling has got to play a major role. I've felt that not viewing the world was hindering myself and my perspective on life. First adventure lead us to San Diego, California. I have been to Los Angeles, CA before, however, I didn't get to see as much as I should've. San Diego was such a gorgeous city with infinite spots to clear your mind and great restaurants. I must admit; moving to the west coast has become a desire now. I'm daydreaming constantly... 

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  1. The outfit is beaitiful, i like it for its unique combination of a skirt and half-boots. Thanks for sharing this photos here with us. Looking forward to your next article.


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