A Little Sexy Never Hurt Nobody

Saturday, April 29, 2017
Strutting New York in the sexiest pair of heels in your closet feels amazing to every woman. Thigh high boots are in and I don't see them playing out. They are my go-to; the perfect match for a basic outfit to spruce it up and warp it into an "ISSA LOOK!" look. Check it out.

Day drinking, laughter, and great vibes filled my sunny day with happiness. Comfort also assisted in the blissful afternoon. I prefer loose over fitted garments any day. A basic Misguided Tee Dress got pumped up to the sensual level once the Simmi copper thigh-high boots joined in on the look. I wish I knew where these glasses came from so I can be the plug, but unfortunately I stole this gem from one of my amazing photographers when he left it in my car. Hope you all have a fun or relaxing Saturday! 

OHBLKGRL.COM | Style | A Little Sexy Never Hurt Nobody from Jaynelle Nicole Stewart on Vimeo.

Misguided | T Dress
Simmi Shoes | Thigh-high boots
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