About This Jaynelle Nicole Girl...

Quite the urban soul that New York has an infinite amount of. While aspiring to be a great example of a female entrepreneur striving against all odds, I feed my need for fashion and beauty products, creative marketing knowledge, and sweet, sweet music. And when I say sweet music, I mean Jhené Aiko, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Future, Bryson Tiller and more. But I never forget to throw it back to the classics! If I could describe myself using one line it would be "Half introvert, half with the sh*ts."

Due to my love of gaining and sharing knowledge, OhBlkGirl.com has been created. Here, my personal style, fashion opinions, and beauty tips will be completely accessible to my fellow beauticians, fashionistas, and those of any interest. I am a lover of life and an activists for self-love, which will be conveyed in my lifestyle posts. Currently, I am on my natural hair journey for the 3rd time and this time its permanent, so keep your eyes peeled for natural hair tips, styles, and tricks. While you explore OhBlkGirl.com, I hope to either inspire you or simply make you smile. 

OhBlkGrl, be beautiful and be you. 
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  1. You're truly a black sheep..Keep doing hard work and never stop looking up.I really like your hair.I wish I had hair like these..Thank you very much for sharing.Keep posting


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